Designing Your Ceremony

You may have been to many weddings and enjoyed the ceremony but how do you begin to work out what you would like in your ceremony?

I suggest we start with a few simple questions that will get you thinking and then I can ascertain from your answers what sort of ceremony you would like me to write. I can give you many different samples of ceremonies and you can play around with them until you have the wording you desire.

Have you been to a wedding that you particularly enjoyed? What was it about that wedding that you liked so much? What overall atmosphere would you like to achieve? Consider all of these elements.

Formal Informal
Garden setting Beach
Island Boat
Hotel Harbour foreshore
Private Public
Religious Non-Religious
Spiritual Mystical
Funny Solemn
Music – CD Music – Live
Everyone involved Celebrant and witnesses only
Children involved Reception Venue
Short ceremony Long ceremony
Readings & Poetry Rituals

Certain wording is required by law according to The Marriage Act of 1961 and documents must be signed and witnessed. The rest is up to you.

Are there special elements you would like to add, such as a candle ceremony, flower giving or sharing of the wine? Perhaps you have a special symbolic ritual you would like to include that is personal and unique to you and will add special meaning to your wedding ceremony.

Also consider these ideas;

  • Do you want to welcome someone who has travelled from another state or country?
  • Would you like to write your own vows?
  • Would you like to refer to people who could not attend the wedding?
  • Do you wish to mention family members who have passed away?
  • Would you like to be presented as Mr and Mrs ………… to conclude the ceremony?

I look forward to helping you create your perfect UNIQUE ceremony.
Lets get started – call or email me.

AMC Sydney Hills District Regional Coordinator
Australian Marriage Celebrants.